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   "Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter Board has a small body, is lightweight, and it is easier to carry than a big wheels balance scooter. Its operation is simpler than a single wheel electric vehicle ."

How to ride a self-balancing scooter

1. Get On
Start with something to hold on to. To get on, place one foot on, then slowly shift your weight up onto that foot. Move the other foot on when all of your weight is on the board.

2. Stand Still
Next milestone is just standing still. It takes the brain around 30 seconds to calibrate and stop wobbling. I recommend you hold onto something for this 30 seconds. Try to look at a faraway object and not the ground.

3. Get Balanced
Next, slowly move near something to grab on to. As you grow more comfortable, slowly let go. I usually use my car and have people circle around my car 3 or 4 times. By the forth they are well ready to move away from the car. Make sure they know how to turn in place, some people think you have to curve around widely like in a bicycle. Fix that early so you don’t hit stuff.

4. Start Riding
You can slowly move away, and work on increasing speed. You might wobble out and fall here until you’ve done it for around 5 minutes total. I recommend having someone walk with you and if you start to wobble have them grab you and lift. That usually fixes it. I’d say this happens an average of .5 times per new rider.

5. Speed Up
Work toward faster and faster speeds! Practice moving over cracks and on hills sideways. Practice texture transitions.

6. Get Off
Just like how you got on, slowly balance on just one foot by shifting your weight onto just one of your feet while staying still. Move the other foot backwards when it is completely off the board. Then shift your weight onto the ground foot. This is probably the most dangerous part, because people think you can jump off of it like a skateboard and you really, really can’t do that. If you try to jump forward with both feet, you point your toes, the board stays under you and you usually wipe out bad.

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Useful tips:

High quality 2 wheels self balancing scooter. Double balancing systems keep you in balance. Package Included:1 x Two Wheels Self Balancing Smart Electric. Personal safety is the priority!

HOVERBOARD UNBOXING (Self-Balancing Smart Scooter)

What is a hover board?

A Hoverboard (or hover board) is a levitating (hovering) board used for personal transportation in the films Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III. Hoverboards resemble a skateboard without wheels. Through special effects the film-makers depicted the boards hovering above the ground. Hoverboard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What peoples think about Hoverboard

" hoverboard is going to be a sweet christmas gift at 2016"

"Why is it called a hoverboard if it has wheels?"

" Hoverboards were predicted to be popular in 2015"

"it's not a hoverboard, it's a hands free segway !!!"

"how can you call it a hoverboard when it don't hover off the ground? it's just a self-balancing skate board that's all."

what color Hoverboard do you recommend?

"why do people call it a hover board? it's still on the ground"

"I've been riding hoverboard a lot and no scratches if you know how to ride"

"that is not a hoverboard. it has wheels and doesn't hover"

Mom get the camera

OMG Look at me

am I ride ok ?

wow this is it

I realy want it

Where should I buy self balancing for the lowest price?

Are Hoverboard Safe?

New reports indicate that hoverboards could be a fire hazard if improperly handled. Major airlines have banned the devices.

Not everyone is thrilled about hoverboards, the must-have toy for the 2015 holiday season. Delta, United and American Airlines just announced they will ban the two-wheel scooters on all their flights, starting this weekend.

Customers will no longer be permitted to bring hoverboards in their checked or carry-on luggage. The airlines say hoverboards present a fire hazard thanks to their oversized lithium batteries. JetBlue already prohibited the toys from boarding any flights, as have a number of smaller airlines, including Hawaiian, Spirit, Virgin American and Alaska.

"Delta reviewed hoverboard product specification and found that manufacturers do not consistently provide detail about the size or power of their lithium-ion batteries," Delta said in a statement. "While occurrences are uncommon, these batteries can spontaneously overheat and pose a fire hazard risk."

Delta did not specify which hoverboard brands are dangerous, saying only "self-balancing personal transportation devices" won't be allowed on board.

The announcements come after a video of a hoverboard suddenly catching fire in a Washington mall went viral, and weeks after an exploding hoverboard destroyed a family's home in Louisiana. Now the federal government is getting involved in the form of a Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The CSPC is looking into the safety of the entire product line,” Scott Wolfson, the CSPC's director of communications, told Gizmodo Thursday, adding that multiple people have been injured. “We have active investigations into incidents that have occurred in California, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama. There have been additional incidents in Florida and Pennsylvania."

That's bad news for anyone hoping to find a hoverboard under the Christmas tree this year. Hoverboard sales have been on fire (sorry) since the holiday shopping season began.

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